MUST Follow Facebook Pages to Learn More about San Francisco

If you’re a San Francisco local, living in the bay area or simply someone who wants to be in the loop of what’s going on in San Francisco…here are the TOP 3 Facebook Pages that you must follow.

1. San Francisco | The Official Guide

Always SF Official Guide


On top of our list with 554k + followers is San Francisco | The Official Guide. Here you will learn facts about the city, current local events, to go places and so much more. They also post some very interesting photos of the city, and we never get tired of hitting the LIKE button to express our appreciation.

2. Live Nation Bay Area

It’s all about the City Life. You chose to live in the Bay Area for a reason – PARTY!

Live Nation Bay Area


This page is your go to to learn about Bay Area Concert updates, music news, presale offers, night life and night life and more night life 🙂 Currently has 190k+ followers…count your self in and be the first to know about the city scenes!

3. The San Francisco Globe


SFG has the most followers, currently 2.4 million +. At a glance you would think that they only care about serious staff, but NOPE they are definitely FUN too 🙂 Similar to the News on TV, SFG has its share of humor and novelty, but most importantly they bring news that matter to each one of us. They bring awareness about the latest things that are going on in the area and keep us abreast about trending topics.

Have more to add? Leave us a comment below 🙂

Disclaimer: Around Bay Area is not affiliated to any of these 3 Facebook Pages mentioned in this post.

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