3 Upcoming Events in San Francisco

Are you left with nothing to do on the coming months, we have compiled three festivals that will be held in San Francisco that may interest you. Come and bring your friends and family along.


19th Annual Ghiradelli Festival in San Francisco

The 19th Annual Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival is one of the much awaited events in San Francisco. It is a two day event which are held on September 13, Saturday. There are different kinds of desserts, drinks and chocolates to choose from. They also have entertainments like live bands and chef demos. You can also try some of their premium samples from their local wineries.

If you are up to listening and appreciating music , discovering artistic performances and other cultural programs you can visit the three months celebration from August to October of Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. Here you can enjoy different kinds of music, historical and contemporary dance are also part of the festival. There are many scheduled performances every week specially weekends. This is a great event with your family which you can enjoy from.

If you are a huge fan of Walt Disney, you can also visit the Walt Disney Family Museum, you will know about the story of his life and how he became successful. There are list of activities all summer long for your family and specially for your kids. The Walt Disney Family Museum is consist of 10 galleries, there are also exclusive buildings where you can have a chance to see their special exhibits. There are also other events that you can choose to spend your vacation. Learn more here.


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